Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

May be it is not too late to wish all of you happy new year...time goes too fast...memanglah..it means that our age also increased ok..have you achieved what you have dreams last year? erm tak sure pulak..achieve ke tak..yg pasti manusia tak pernah satisfied apa yang ada...tapi as long as kita buat guide and measurement boleh je kan...

flash back year 2011, banyak yang make me so angry..ala -ala angry bird gitu...here and there angry..i need to face a lots of sadness, anxiety, furious, pain, lost dan macam-macam lagi lah...nak buat macamana, Allah nak menguji...sebagai hambaNya kena redha dan tabah menghadapi dugaan yang diberikan.

tahun 2012. it just a new year nothing special for me...just to change number 1 at the end of the year and replace with number 2...
but inside..i must to change a lot of things spiritually in my life..
find the depth of religious knowledge, change the style to a more healthy, healthy food, fresh air, regular exercise, soothe the mind, soul, the righteous son and wife, a good worker, good health, and money savings yang banyak... ;( but right now the reality is...i got back pain dan never ending stress..huhu..this is baru January ok...and tak sampai pertengahan some more...huhu.. how how...

i need to find fresh air in terms of my career. This is too good to be true.

I think for this year i need to take more vitamin, berurut or spa - this one i dont care, i need someone to urut a whole of my body...especially my back...urgent ok..hei puan cepat-cepat berurut badan dah masuk angin.., find another job, trying to preggy again (fobia but have to), planning to one more house ( yang landed lah pulak ye Mr hubby?), InsyaAllah nak terawih full term lah ye..jgn ngelat la.., eratkan silaturrahim dengan kawan-kawan lama dan baru ( i call this social life le kan..because for last year i call no life), and and the last but not least i am happy to make my father and my adik-adik happy...of course la..

to my love hubby ..erm this is secret la mana boleh berceritera dan bercengkerama kat sini..nanti Mr Hubby marah i...because dia dah cakap dia tak suka open the secret of life...janji kita pi jalan-jalan banyak sikit for this year...no more reason...ok. too good to be true..

ok thats all la hari ini..got to go right now..

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