Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today I am Speechless

Apa taknyer something was happening affected indirectly in my life..nak cakap more pun tak boleh so lebih baik aku mendiamkan dirikan...in others word diam jer...huhu...what's the life???

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sigh is frustation without words...

After long time did'nt update my blog today macam buang 'tabiat' gatal all my fingers nak update. For this entry just to show about my feeling about my life...sigh sigh sigh...do not mengeluh like that tak baik..but what should i do, you cannot says anything, you just can see, smile, sometimes buat jokes, pretending nothing happened, absord all the stuff into your life and who knows what is hapenning inside your body/heart..its hurt ..very hurt..that is my feeling right now...

For the last 4 months i faced with miscarriage again!!..for second time..OMG..frust jangan cakaplah...sedih a lots. Tak perlulah nak cakap yang selebihnya..masuk emergency room pun punya lama tunggu dari sakit yg amat terus tak sakit..i motivate diri sendiri utk tabah to faced semua ni...Allah tahu apa yang terbaik untuk diriku...you have to be strong ok...(bercakap dengan diri sendiri..boleh pulak macam tu)

I always think about the flow of my life included my carier...ermm, I think right now i need something like green place, ada sungai, or laut or maybe siput, just wanna see bukit, batu or berkelah kat mana-mana...maybe kalau tak ada benda-benda tu semua maybe can tengok itik ke, ikan..or something like that..pleaseeee....

Im so tired with all benda-benda yang selalu I tengok..maybe..